What is the maximum number of questions to ask in a survey?

There is no maximum limit to the number of questions you can include in your survey. You can ask as many questions as you'd like. However, it's important to keep in mind that respondents might lose interest if the survey is too long, which could lead to incomplete responses. To ensure a higher completion rate, we recommend focusing on the goal of your survey and asking only relevant questions. This way, you can maintain respondent engagement and gather meaningful data.


To uphold the quality of the respondents' answers and keep survey fatigue on a low level, you should try to have few questions. Also, be aware that a big number of questions can degrade performance on older devices. If you have more than 300 questions we suggest splitting them into two parts.

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Can I get the Pointerpro app in the Apple App Store, the Windows Store, or the Android Store?

No, our solution is “app-less” in that sense. Instead, we use HTML5 technology to distribute Pointerpro through app.pointerpro.com. We can provide you with the ability to easily create your survey or quiz on our site, quickly distribute them to any mobile device, and easily retrieve your results without the hassle of installing anything.

How can I access the Survey on a Mobile Device or PC?

Simply open the browser (this is the app you use to surf the internet) on your device and enter the survey link or short link in the browser's address bar.


Alternatively, you can use a QR code reader to scan the survey QR code, and you will be redirected to the survey on your device without having to enter the weblink.


It's important to note that it is not needed to install an app from the app store to execute a survey on your device. Ensure your device is connected to the internet before starting a survey the first time. Read all the steps in accessing the survey guide.

What's next?

  • Survey completion rate: When calculating the completion rate, the calculation only takes to account those people who had some interaction with the questionnaire, meaning that they actually started it. We don’t count the number of people who were invited and ignored the invitation.  
  • Survey Accuracy is the extent to which a questionnaire result represents the attribute being measured in the group of interest or population. Determining how accurate the data captured by a questionnaire, reflects the entire population requires computing the confidence interval and the confidence level.
  • Survey incentives are actually not much different from any other kind of incentive. They are reasons, monetary or non-monetary, physical or emotional that drive or motivate people to fill in your questionnaire. In other words, they would boost your response rate.
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