Pre-configured campaigns

By setting up pre-configured campaigns, administrators have the flexibility to determine whether their customers can independently create their own campaigns within the Customer Zone or are required to use partially or fully pre-configured campaigns created by the administrators.



The DistributR Plan is a subscription package that includes the entire suite of Pointerpro products: Questionnaire Software, Report Builder, and Distribution Portal. Access the full feature list of the DistributR plan here.

Distribution Portal
The Distribution Portal is a feature included in the DistributR Plan. It allows for seamless assessment and report distribution by utilizing three different access levels: the admin zone, the customer zone, and the contact zone.

This guide will teach you:

  1. How to create a new pre-configured campaign as an administrator
  2. How to give authorizations for pre-configured campaigns to your customers
  3. How your customers will view the pre-configured campaigns
  4. Enable quick campaigns

How to create a new preconfigured campaign as an administrator

  1. On the navigation bar in the Pointerpro platform, select Distribution. In the dropdown, click “Pre-configured campaigns”.

  1. In the Pre-configured campaigns tab, click Create new campaign.

  1. When creating a new pre-configured campaign, you can configure several fields:

    • Title & Questionnaires

    • Recipients

    • Content

    • Scheduling 

    • Reminders

These configurations are optional; they can be partially or fully preconfigured.

In each of the fields, there’s a “lock icon” on the right hand side. If you select to lock a certain field, your customers won’t be able to modify that field. The locked field will be grayed out, like the following example:

If you keep the lock open, your customers will see your pre-configured content and will be able to modify it.

If you leave the fields open and not pre-configured, your customers will need to set up these fields by themselves.

  1. Title & Questionnaires:

    • Write the title of the campaign here. Your customers will see a list of pre-configured campaigns you created in their Customer Zone.

    • Select the questionnaire for the campaign so the customers can send out these assessments. You can select multiple questionnaires per campaign.

  1. Recipients
    You can configure the following fields:

    • Sender name

    • Reply to email

    • Select to send from your own domain

  1. Content
    Draft the email subject line and content for your customers. You can insert variables to the email content to create dynamic and personlized email templates.

  1. Scheduling

Configure when this campaign should start and end. You can let your customers pick a date and time or pre-configure it for them. In the screenshot below, This campaign will start exactly 48 hours after the customer initiates it.

  1. Reminders
    You can include up to 3 reminders in a campaign. If you have not configured all 3 reminders, your customers will be able to create their own reminders from scratch. For the reminders, you can configure the send out time as well as the email subject line and email content.

  2. Remember to save the campaign after the configuration is completed.

Give authorizations for pre-configured campaigns to your customers

  1. Once the pre-configured campaigns are set up and saved, go to My Team.

  1. Select the customer you would like to give authorization to. Make sure the role is set as Customer. In the Extra permission below, you can switch on the toggle “Can create campaigns from scratch”. In this way, your customers can still create their own campaigns while having the ability to use your pre-configured campaigns.

    If you don’t want your customers to create campaign from scratch by themselves, switch off this toggle.

  1. Scroll down and you will see the following section. Click “Shown” on the pre-configured campaigns you would like to give access to this customer

Once the customer has authorization to this pre-configured campaign, they will automatically have the authorization to all the questionnaires that are linked in this campaign.    

How your customers will see the pre-configured campaigns in Customer Zone

  1. The customer logs in to the Customer Zone and clicks on “+ Add campaign”

  1. They will see the option to Start from a pre-configured campaign

  1. Here’s the pre-configured campaign we created as admin in the previous steps. As you can see, the customer is not allowed to modify the campaign title because we lock it from the admin setup.

  1. The customer will follow the exact same 5 steps as they normally have to do to create a campaign, except that the pre-configured fields will show up so they don’t have to, or they are not allowed to change those fields.

Enable quick campaigns

If you want to streamline and simply the campaign process for your customers, you can enable quick campaign for your pre-configured campaigns.

While setting up the pre-configured campaigns, you have the option to make this pre-configured campaign a "quick campaign". You can find the toggle on top of the pre-configured campaign setup page:

  1. By default, this toggle is not selected. Your pre-configured campaigns will show up in the Customer Zone based on your setup.

  2. You can enable quick campaign for this pre-configured campaign by clicking on the toggle:

    Once quick campaign is enabled for this pre-configured campaign. Your customers will be able to start this pre-configured in the Customer Zone and they are able to change the title and select respondents. They don't have the options to change other fields in this pre-configured campaign.

    The following screenshot is what your customers will see in their Customer Zone. They can change the title and select the recipients and can't see other fields that you have set up.

  3. If you enable the quick campaign AND lock the title field as follows:

    Your customers will not be able to change the title of the campaign either. They can only select the respondents before they schedule the campaign:

What is next?

  • When you've collected your results and you want to download them, there are different download options available. You can either download a bulk of survey results or choose to download files relating to individual responses. Read our guide Download your results to learn how you can do it.
  • Require Contact is a feature that allows you to control who can access your survey and makes the questionnaire only accessible to contacts. If validation fails, the participant is not able to fill in the survey but a configurable message will be displayed instead.
  • Do not forget to monitor your results with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics is currently the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

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